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Despite most of our workflow coming from the corporate sector, we at Digital Bohemia are a creative bunch and love to get our teeth into a variety of projects. Specialising in documentary style filming, our portfolio boasts a variety of quality projects, including short documentaries, music videos and so much more.


As well as filming constructed videos, we also provide live filming services. These can include conference and seminar filming, charity events, and live musical events such as festivals and EP launches. Whether you want a copy of the event in full, or just a selection of highlights, we can create the perfect live events package for you.

Wedding Videos

We are also able to offer wedding packages for couples wanting something special, we understand how important your big day is and are passionate about creating wedding films that are individual to each Bride & Groom, we want to bring your memories to life, please click here to view our wedding site for more information.


Video content can aid your business at many different contact points with your customers, not just through straightforward adverts.


A much more engaging way of showing your customers how good your work really is. Instead of reading through paragraphs of testimonials on your webpage, testimonial videos give a face to your customers and enhance the credibility of your testimonial.

Demonstration Videos

Now regarded an essential part of marketing a new product, demo videos don’t only showcase your new product, but can also be used to show its step by step application, highlighting its features and value to potential customers.

Promotional Video

a great way of advertising your company, either on your homepage or across a number of different platforms such as YouTube or social networking sites. These videos can be an eye catching way of presenting your product or services, or bringing a more personable feel to your company.

Training Videos

A very useful resource to many companies, these can be for training new employees, demonstrating a new product or process, or making employees aware of health and safety. A much more engaging way of getting important information across to your employees.