About Us

Learn a little about us!

Based in Wimborne, Digital Bohemia is a video production company, serving businesses across Dorset and the South Coast.

We specialise in creating corporate videos to aid businesses in advertising, promoting and training.

Our creative and enthusiastic staff will aid you in creating your perfect video, whether it be helping you develop your ideas into reality, or helping you create a concept from a completely blank canvas.

We pride ourselves on our obsession to create high quality videos for our customers.

Our in-house team love making videos, and our passion is evident through the creative ideas and level of skill infused into every project we undertake.

So Why Choose Us

When you commission a video to be made, you are not only paying for the skill of the video producers, you are paying for TIME. Although a video may only take a day to film, it may take many days to edit, depending on the amount of footage shot and the complexity of the project.

Our highly skilled camera operators work accurately and efficiently, which not only ensures you only pay for the hours of filming needed for each project, but that workflow during the editing process is as quick and efficient as possible.

Our passion is creating videos, and we feel very lucky to be able to make a living out of doing what we love. We charge what we believe is a fair rate for the work we undertake, and don’t charge inflated rates just because we believe a customer would pay it.

What can we offer?